Consulting &
Technology Software

In order to help you grow your business, we provide comprehensive technical and strategic analysis for your ideas about blockchain technology and provide your ideas with software.

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Exchange Platform

You can take your place in this sector in our stock market software systems which provide fast, secure buying, selling and exchange in the fast growing crypto money sector in the world.

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Kripto Borsası


Make a difference in your industry with a completely modern user interface.

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Create your own currency or wallet with ERC20 infrastructure!

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Ödeme Sistemi

Payments Software

Create your own payment system with blockchain technology according to your needs!

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ICO Platform

We are developing Ico projects with our professional team!

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Mobile Application

We offer you the best service to represent you and your company, increase your business efficiency, manage your business quickly and easily, and create applications that give you or your customers a unique user experience.

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About Us

As the next generation software company in the developing world of software, Argönül software offers innovative solutions to your needs in the developing and expanding crypto sector. Developing software suitable for the requirements of the era by a young and dynamic team; institutions and organizations to provide more secure and efficient activities are supported. Argönül software, requested services; fast, quality and modern software is developing the world by paying attention to the latest innovations. Our company, which constantly renews its dynamic and high standard software solutions within the framework of the requirements, adopts change and development as a principle.

We are making completly safe special software like your want and demands. it provides full efficiency by making special designs according to your demands. We work hard to create applications that will provide you or your customers with a unique user experience, whether you are a desktop or mobile, representing you and your company, increasing business efficiency, managing your business quickly and easily, and providing you with a unique user experience. In addition, while the application is still in the development phase, taking into account the possible future problems, we take the individual measures for all of them and we prevent the end user from experiencing the problems at the maximum level. With our deep knowledge and experience in software, we are always at your side to serve you at international standards.

We are helping you to grow your business, automate your daily tasks and works with the help of a computer, so we are working to save your time and cost.

If you wish we are serving as an outsource or complete your sustain project like your want and demands, then we provide technical support to ensure that you experience a smooth experience.

Our expertise areas are: Blockchain Consulting & Technology Software, Exchange Platform, FLEXIBLE & SECURE WALLET INFRASTRUCTURE, ICO Platform, Blockchain Payments Software, Mobile Application and more.